Energy communities are putting energy back in the hands of people and building a new energy system that works for all. The Energy Community Platform offers all the support you need to move forward with your own community and join the energy revolution.

What is the Energy Community Platform?

The Energy Community Platform is a one-stop solution for everything about community energy.

There are many useful tools and resources on the internet to help citizens set up an energy community. But they are scattered across many different websites. Following the work done by Munster Technological University a few years ago, REScoop.eu, the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives, teamed up with several EU projects to make things easier for you and compile all resources in one single place: the Energy Community Platform.

Now you don’t need to jump from one website to another looking for support to develop your community energy project. At the Energy Community Platform you can get all the support you need.

Don’t know what an energy community is?

Energy communities are a business model where citizens jointly own and democratically control an enterprise that works on renewable energy or energy efficiency projects. Energy communities distinguish themselves from traditional energy providers by the way they do business. They put environmental, economic or social community benefits over profit.

This model has many benefits for the energy system and society.

Do you want to learn more about community energy and its advantages before jumping into the development of your own project? Check out the website of REScoop.eu, the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives.

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What can I find on the platform?


The story of the Energy Community Platform

Origin icon

The origin

This platform started as part of the Interreg NWE ECCO project, where Munster Technological University (MTU) developed a prototype for an online platform where energy communities could interact, find experts, collaborate around projects, and track and share their progress.

Partnering up icon

Partnering up

When the Interreg NWE ECCO project came to an end, the responsibility for maintaining the platform was transferred to REScoop.eu. We looked for partners interested in having a platform to support the development of community energy projects and we adapted the original version to ensure that we can maintain it with existing resources.

icon platform launch

The platform

In summer 2022, REScoop.eu launched the current platform with the support of the Interreg NWE ECCO project, COME RES project, Compile project, clothes retailer Patagonia and SCCALE 203050 project. This is a live website that keeps growing with new tools, resources, experts and energy communities.


Do you want to contribute to the platform?

If you know about any resource that you think would be useful to support the development of community energy projects, don’t hesitate to share it with us using this form. We will be happy to include it in the resource collection!

If you are a member of an energy community and you want to add it to the community energy map to interact with other communities or platform members, you can do that from your user profile.

Are you an expert on community energy and you would like to be featured on our experts network? You can also submit your expert profile from your user profile.

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REScoop.eu logo


REScoop.eu is the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives. It is a growing network of 1,900 cooperatives operating across Europe and jointly represents over 1.25 million citizens. REScoop.eu manages and maintains the Energy Community Platform.

Visit the REScoop.eu website

ECCO logo

ECCO project

ECCO Creating new local Energy Community Co-Operatives is a European Union’s Interreg NWE project that aims to accelerate the set-up of new energy communities in rural areas in North-West Europe, working in close collaboration with farmer organisations.

Visit the ECCO project website


COME RES project

COME RES is a European Union Horizon 2020 project that supports, develops and tests new business models for renewable energy cooperatives in nine EU Member States.

Visit the COME RES project website

Compile logo

Compile project

Compile is a European Union Horizon 2020 project that shows how energy islands (microgrids) can help decarbonise our energy supply whilst creating environmental and socio-economic benefits. Compile has developed the maturity stage test and the guidance included in the community maturity dashboard.

Visit the Compile project website

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Patagonia is a clothes retailer highly involved in the fight against climate change. Patagonia has contributed to the development of the Energy Community Platform through the Patagonia Communications project from Tides Foundation.

Visit the Patagonia website

Logo SCCALE 203050

SCCALE 203050

SCCALE 203050 is a European Union Horizon 2020 project that intends to bring Europe closer to its citizens by fostering the creation of energy communities, taking full advantage of the favorable EU legal framework on citizen energy.

Visit the SCCALE 203050 project website

LifeLoop logo


LIFE LOOP is a LIFE project that aims to empower local and regional governments, local citizens and other stakeholders to work together to develop and achieve community energy objectives through new partnerships and projects.

Visit the LIFE LOOP project website