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A citizen energy community working on collective energy production, renewable energy production, energy poverty alleviation, electric mobility, and green solutions in Attica region of Greece.

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Attica Energy Community was established in October 2019 as a cooperative whose aim is to produce and consume clean energy collectively and implement green solutions in their everyday life.

The main objectives of Attica Energy Community are:

  • Reducing energy costs for its members
  • Application of the cooperative principles in the energy sector
  • Research, experimentation, training seminars, and dissemination of know-how for innovative green solutions
  • Do business with a social dimension
  • Achieve equality of membership – elimination of discrimination of any kind
  • Support innovation in the energy sector through training workshops and seminars
  • Cooperation with academic institutions, local authorities, and other energy cooperatives

In 2022, the cooperative completed a full economic and technical study for the creation of a photovoltaic park that will operate with the “Virtual Energy Netting” model.

Attica Energy Community is one of the energy communities established in Greece following the provision of the Greek Law 4513/2018.Ā The founding assembly of the energy community took place in October 2019 and it was legally established in the form of a municipal cooperative in 2021.Ā Citizens, municipalities and legal entities based in the Attica region can become members of the cooperative.Ā The management of the cooperative is carried out by the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board.Ā The General Assembly is the highest decision body of the organisation and each member has one vote.

Attica Energy Community

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