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Brupower is an energy cooperative active in Brussels, which brings together citizens to invest together in renewable energies: all members are co-owners of production facilities.

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€ 400000
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Brupower is convinced that the energy transition must be carried out in a fair, social and democratic way, with all the people of Brussels. With this goal in mind, it aims to empower every citizen of Brussels to have a voice and take ownership of their energy future. The cooperative stands out for its strong values and transparent approach.

Established in May 2022, the cooperative aims to install 4,500 solar panels in the Brussels region in the next few years. Brupower’s first installation, made in collaboration with the DoucheFLUX will support various activities in the NGOs building, including showers and laundry for homeless people, social and medical services, and legal assistance.

Brupower is currently supported by more than 40 volunteers who contribute with their skills, time and energy to the project. The volunteers’ expertise covers a very broad spectrum of knowledge: energy sector legislation, communication, citizen participation, photovoltaic project management, digital tools, etc. The community of volunteers is also advised by several experts in the energy sector.

In the future, Brupower plans to expand its projects to other renewable energy sources.


Experts in the field

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Roland Tual

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Josh Roberts

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Chris Vrettos

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