CER Energy City Hall of Magliano Alpi

Magliano Alpi, Italy
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CER Energy City Hall of the City of Magliano Alpi is a renewable energy community which aims to associate energy producers and consumers to satisfy their energy needs through their own production from renewable sources.

RES capacity installed
0.00002 GW
Active since

Established in December 2020, it is the first CER (Comunita Energetica Rinnovabile or Renewable Energy Community – REC in English) created in Italy under the 2018/2001 (REDII) European Directive.

As coordinator of the energy community, the municipality of Magliano Alpi installed a 20 kilowatts-peak (kWp) photovoltaic system on the roof of the city hall to satisfy its energy needs and share the remaining energy with the community members. The REC, which is currently composed of three public buildings and some individual neighbours, aims to grow in the upcoming years. They are planning to have more neighbours joining the project and build new PV installations in the sport centre and in a local industrial building.

CER Energy City Hall of the City of Magliano Alpi also develops the following activities:

  • Design, creation and management of RECs in the territory of the Municipality of Magliano Alpi
  • Cooperation with national and international public and private entities in the context of energy communities
  • Support the energy transition process in neighbouring cities through the creation of new RECs
  • Research in the field of RECs and renewable energies, including the cooperation with academic institutions
  • Development of regional energy planning
  • Energy management services to citizens
  • Building retrofitting
  • Organisation of communication activities, such as workshops or events
CER Magliano Alpi

CER Energy City Hall of Magliano Alpi

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