CER SOLE – Comunità Energetica Rinnovabile Solidale Libera Ecologica

Genova, Italy
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CER SOLE is a renewable energy community based in the Albaro neighborhood in Genoa, Italy. Its core values, expressed in its name, are solidarity, freedom and ecology.

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Comunità Energetica Rinnovabile Solidale Libera Ecologica (CER SOLE) installs and manages small local photovoltaic systems on unused rooftops to encourage self-consumption and energy sharing among citizens, local public bodies, and small businesses. The resources generated are reinvested in the local community to support the environment, tackle energy poverty, and fund social projects.

Currently, CER SOLE has successfully installed a 20 kWp PV plant for collective consumption and also helps other communities to grow.

After a year of preparation, CER SOLE was officially established on 12 March 2023, becoming the first renewable energy community in Liguria. The energy community is a non-profit organisation with the legal form of a Social Promotion Association. Its members are citizens, activists, workers, and professionals, all of whom are interested in promoting a different model of production and development that leaves no one behind and does not give in to apocalyptic scenarios. At CER SOLE, they firmly believe that the fights against climate change and inequalities are inseparable.

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CER SOLE – Comunità Energetica Rinnovabile Solidale Libera Ecologica

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REScoop.eu and Brupower

Stanislas d’Herbemont

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