CLEF Coopérative pour les Energies du Futur

Leuze-en-Hainaut, Belgium
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CLEF - Coopérative citoyenne pour les Energies du Futur is a citizens' energy cooperative that produces electricity by developing renewable energy projects in Hainaut, Belgium. CLEF request citizens' participation in the definition, funding and management of renewal energy infrastructures.

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0.012557 GW
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11609 Tonnes

Created by citizens for citizens, CLEF is a citizens’ cooperative that brings together cooperators who take an active part in the strategic debate on energy. CLEF defends the point of view that the exploitation of renewable energies must benefit the community and the greatest number of people.

It implements and promotes an ethical and mutually supportive economic alternative, favouring the decentralisation of energy production and the relocation of profits. This approach gives citizens control over the production and supply of energy.

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CLEF Coopérative pour les Energies du Futur

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Óscar Güell

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Daan Creupelandt

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