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Athens, Greece
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Collective Energy is a non-profit energy community founded in Attika region that aims to contribute to a just energy transition in their region through their activity.

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Collective Energy aims to achieve a just energy transition by ensuring clean energy for their members, researching on new methods, technologies, operational and organizational models, participating in networks of citizens and organizations that share common views and worries and, finally, by providing their knowledge and experience on energy issues, both theoretical and practical, with whoever needs them.

The environmental and climate crisis threatens the living conditions on earth and intensifies the inequalities globally. At the central political level, the incapability of a joint agreement on tackling the problem radically and structurally is more than obvious. The engagement and cooperation of citizens and local communities seems to be the only solution.

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Collective Energy

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Óscar Güell

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Antonia Proka

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Felix Kriedemann

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