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CommonEn is a non-profit energy community established in June 2021 in city of Ioannina, Greece. It that has two solar parks with a total capacity production of 199,73 kW.

Community members
RES capacity installed
0.02 GW
Money invested
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CO2 emissions saved
108 Tonnes

Through the production of clean and affordable energy, CommonEn aims to promote energy democracy, de-escalate energy production, tackle energy poverty and make sustainable use of local energy resources. To achieve these goals, the cooperative is involved in the following activities:

  • Production of clean energy for self-consumption
  • Energy storage and demand-side management
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Energy saving
  • Consulting
  • Awareness raising, citizens empowerment, and capacity building
  • Knowledge transfer and foster networking with local authorities, organizations, universities, and energy communities in Greece and abroad
  • Research

CommonEn has two solar parks under operation with a production capacity of 100 kWp each. The energy produced is supplied to its members and clients through a virtual net metering system. Moreover, they are working on the development of energy saving services and the renovation of a traditional watermill in Tzoumerka to produce electricity.


Experts in the field

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Óscar Güell

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Daan Creupelandt

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