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Ecopower is a Belgian cooperative founded in 1991. The organisation has three main goals: investing in renewable energy, supplying 100% green energy to our cooperative members, promoting a rational use of energy and renewable energy, and promoting the cooperative business model in general.

Community members
RES capacity installed
75 GW
Money invested
€ 60000000
Active since
CO2 emissions saved
61000 Tonnes

Ecopower was founded in 1991 in Flanders, Belgium, and has grown over the years to a citizen energy cooperative of about 67.000 members, 55.000 of whom also are costumers of Ecopower as a supplier. Ecopower gathers financial resources from as many cooperative members (shareholders) as possible and uses these funds to invest in renewable energy projects. Shareholders of Ecopower can buy from one up to 20 shares per person – one share costs 250 euro. Every single shareholder has one vote in the general assembly, regardless of the number of shares.

In 2022, Ecopower managed 20 wind turbines, one hydropower installation, one cogeneration installation, one district heating network and 250 decentralised PV installation on the roof of schools and houses scattered across Flanders. Ecopower also has a factory that produces wood pellets for residential heating. In 2022, Ecopower produced 74 million kWh of green electricity and saved 61.000 tons of CO2 emissions.

To supply 100% green electricity to its cooperative members, Ecopower received a permit to sell electricity on the Flemish market in 2002. In order to become a client, people have to buy at least one share in the cooperative. Ecopower considers its supply activities as a service to the members and gets the highest possible score in the service test for Flemish energy suppliers (VREG service check).

Ecopower is a full member (and vice-president) of REScoop Vlaanderen and, the Flemish and the Belgian federations of citizen energy cooperatives. Ecopower is also a founding member of, the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives.


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