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Ecotxe is an e-car sharing cooperative from Mallorca, Spain. Ecotxe's principles include the prioritisation of people over vehicles, a just price, the change to a 100% renewable energy model, and the respect for the community they belong to.

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Ecotxe was established in 2016 and currently operates five electric cars. The first one was purchased through a crowdfunding campaign, while the subsequent ones have been acquired with the revenues generated by the cooperative. Four of the cars are located in Palma, and the other is situated in Esporles.

Ecotxe cars are available for use by members of the cooperative for a period of time (hours or days). Users are required to return the cars to the same parking lot from which they were initially taken. Reservations are exclusively made through the cooperative’s app, and users are billed solely for the duration during which they utilised the vehicle and the distance they covered. Additionally, each member can designate two individuals who may also use the service.

The cooperative doesn’t only provide car-sharing. In line with the seven cooperative principles, they also organise training activities open to all citizens to promote a shift in the mobility model of Mallorca.

Ecotxe was honored with the Germinador Social award, organised by Som Energia and Coop57, in 2017.


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