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Electric Sun Mobility is an energy community that works on the deployment of a network of solar PV charging stations for electric vehicles throughout Spain, giving priority to locations where members of the energy community live.

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The installation of solar PV charging stations for electric vehicles, in which vehicles are charged with energy both from the grid and from the sun, is the core activity of the cooperative, and that is also reflected in its name.

Members of the energy community benefit from home PV systems at their homes at a discounted rate and consultancy services on solar PV installations. The other main benefit for members is a lower rate when charging electric vehicles.

One can say that Electric Sun Mobility is a glocal energy community as it serves groups of people living far apart in different regions but with strong links within each region and also between groups.

The legal form of Electric Sun Mobility is a cooperative society. It is an energy community recognised as such by the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition.

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Electric Sun Mobility

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Dirk Vansintjan

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Óscar Güell

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