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GoiEner is a cooperative project to recover energy sovereignty through the generation and consumption of renewable energy.

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GoiEner wants to recover energy sovereignty for citizens by entering the currently liberalised parts of the electricity sector: supply and generation. The transport parts (high voltage) and distribution (medium and low voltage) continue to be regulated.

Being a non-profit cooperative, all the revenues from supplying green electricity to its members revert back to the cooperative, and members themselves decide in an assembly how to allocate those benefits. In turn, members can invest in renewable generation projects whose production is consumed by the cooperative itself. Goiener’s final objective is that the amount of energy generated by the cooperative equals the amount of energy consumed by its members.

GoiEner understands cooperatives as local entities that promote an economy close to their environment. Thus, although it can supply in Spain and Portugal, it focuses its activities on the Basque Country and Navarra and supports the development of local energy cooperatives throughout Spain.


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