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MegaWattPuur is an initiative of committed citizens from Waasland, Belgium, who have decided to set up a citizen cooperative that invests in renewable and energy saving measures.

MegaWattPure is a cooperative with a social purpose that aims to contribute to make the Waasland region in Flanders climate neutral. They do this by developing renewable energy generation projects, such as PV installations, wind turbines, or heating networks.

MegaWattPure’s cooperative model is based on the seven cooperative principles of the International Cooperative Alliance. This means that they have an open and voluntary membership and the organisation is controlled by its members, who contribute fairly to the cooperative’s capital and have voting rights at the annual general meeting. MegaWattPure is an autonomous and self-reliant organisation committed to educating members, directors and the general public about the benefits of cooperative action.

MegaWattPure has developed the following projects:

  • 80 kWp PV installation in GC De Route in Sint-Gillis-Waas.
  • 82 kWp PV installation in LAB school in Sint-Niklaas.
  • 70 kWp PV installation in Heirbaut farm in Temse.
  • 25 solar panels on the roof of the NGO Solidagro in Sint-Niklaas.
  • 200 PV panels installation on the roof of WeTech academy in Sint-Niklaas (project in development).
  • Solar panels and heat pump in the Avansa Waas en Dender building in Sint-Niklaas.

Moreover, MegaWattPure organises collective purchases of solar panels in the region of Waasland.

MegaWattPure collaborates with the intermunicipal partnership Interwaas and the education center Vormingplus Waas&Dender and it is a member of the Flemish federation of citizen energy cooperatives REScoop Vlaanderen.

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