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Sterrebeek (Zaventem), Belgium
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Noordlicht is is an initiative of committed citizens from 12 cities in the north-west of Flemish Brabant, Belgium, who have decided to set up a citizen cooperative that invests in renewable energy and energy saving measures.

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0.000238 GW
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Energy saved
0.223 GW
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CO2 emissions saved
58 Tonnes

Noordlicht is a cooperative society that brings citizens together to invest in projects related to renewable energy and rational energy consumption. We want to accelerate the energy transition, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the lowering of energy poverty. We abide by the seven cooperative principles of the International Cooperative Alliance. As a cooperative, we carry out economic activities and use them to achieve ecological and social objectives. By having local citizens invest in renewable energy, the profits also flow back to the local economy. The social importance is further emphasised by the ‘social purpose’ of the cooperative: part of our profit will always serve a social purpose.

Noordlicht is a member of the Flemish federation of citizen energy cooperatives REScoop Vlaanderen.


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Daan Creupelandt

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Sara Tachelet

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Óscar Güell

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