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Vienna, Austria
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OurPower is a European Cooperative Society (SCE) operating a peer-to-peer marketplace for renewable energy source electricity generated by its members in Austria. OurPower handles the online matching services as well as the whole process of electricity supply and billing.

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OurPower is a collective of entrepreneurs, activists, experts and citizens who came together to envision a world where people use energy responsibly and obtain 100% electricity directly from regional renewable sources. Together they developed an online marketplace that is the heart of the cooperative. In the marketplace, producers of renewable energy can easily sell their electricity to OurPower community, and electricity consumers receive an optimal electricity mix of 100% renewable Austrian green electricity paying directly to the producers. In addition, the marketplace offers all-round support when it comes to community energy and PV investments.


OurPower’s work is based on the following core values:

  • Honesty. In OurPwer they are convinced that they can only get ahead with honesty. In the electricity market this means 100% transparency.
  • Cooperation. They believe that we can only master the great challenges of our time together.
  • Common good. In OurPower’s actions the benefit to society must always be over the individual benefit.
  • Pioneering spirit. If you want to create change, you have to take the first steps courageously.
  • Joy. The common goal can only be achieved with joy and honest commitment.
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OurPower Energiegenossenschaft SCE mbH

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Experts in the field

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REScoop.eu and Brupower

Stanislas dā€™Herbemont

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Felix Kriedemann

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Josh Roberts

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