Som Serveis Energètics

Pòrtol, Marratxi (Mallorca), Spain
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Non-profit cooperative that provides energy services as a local and trustworthy entity that prioritises social and environmental values over economic profit.

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Som Serveis Energètics’ main goal is to contribute to a sustainable and fair energy transition at a local level. They offer a wide range of energy services to their members:

  • Supply and installation of renewable energy production systems, prioritising products with a high performance and long durability
  • Collective purchases
  • Advice on energy efficiency and energy saving
  • Support in the creation of local energy communities
  • Support of individuals or groups interested in producing, distributing or supplying renewable energy

Som Serveis Energètics was created to respond to the local population demands that couldn’t be attended by Som Energia’s local group due to the particular characteristics of the island territory of Mallorca: limited amount of land, high price of the land, and local opposition to some renewable energy projects. In this way, they aim to complement the work of Som Energia in Mallorca and contribute to a just energy transition in the territory together.

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Som Serveis Energètics

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Antonia Proka

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Josh Roberts

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