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Tallinn, Estonia
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TÜ Energiaühistu is the first energy cooperative in Estonia with ambition of setting up renewable energy parks with local communities.

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Through TÜ Energiaühistu, anyone can become a shareholder of a solar or wind park in Estonia and thus earn long-term stable income in an environmentally friendly way. This also means that, with the help of the energy cooperative, renewable energy plants owned by Estonian people will be built in places where there is local interest and energy need.

The cooperative is an organisation in which each member has an equal vote in making decisions regarding the cooperative’s development, regardless of how large the member’s financial contribution to the projects is. The member’s financial contribution to projects affects how the cooperative distributes profits. The profit is divided according to the share of each member in the cooperative’s renewable energy projects. This type of organisation allows TÜ Energiaühistu to attract both investors whose goal is to earn income from projects and people who want to consume electricity produced locally by the community or support the transition to renewable energy with their activity.

In line with the cooperative principles, TÜ Energiaühistu donates 5-20% of members’ subscription fees to implement initiatives that support the goals of the cooperative. If there are several initiatives to be supported, members can choose themselves to whom he donates his amount.

TÜ Energiaühistu was founded by 34 energetic people and two companies.

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TÜ Energiaühistu

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