ZEZ (Zelena energetska zadruga za usluge)

Zagreb, Croatia
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Zelena energetska zadruga (ZEZ) is a non-profit energy cooperative from Zagreb. We are experts, practitioners and enthusiasts. We are team of 15 members with many years of experience successfully implementing citizen energy projects and campaigns.

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Zelena energetska zadruga (ZEZ) was established in 2013 as part of a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) project in Croatia and now operates independently as an umbrella organisation in the field of citizen energy in Croatia and the region.

ZEZ’s mission is to help citizens develop, invest and use renewable energy sources. Our goal is to achieve real changes in energy development and involve citizens in the energy transition. We aim to empower individuals to participate in planning, decision-making, construction, and energy production, as well as profit-sharing. Through our initiatives, we foster the growth of social entrepreneurship in the energy sector, while promoting social equality and environmental protection. Our focus is on crafting concrete and sustainable solutions that contribute to the development of local communities.

What makes us different?

Our experts have experience in the development of new, innovative economic models for the use of renewable energy sources, and those models are your models – adapted to the needs and problems of your local community. Our approach is grounded in practical knowledge and professional expertise gained through our work in the energy sector in Croatia, the Western Balkans, and Central Asia, both as part of the Energy, Environment, and Innovation team within the United Nations Development Program office in Croatia and through collaborations with other known organisations.

Na sunčanoj strani

ZEZ, as the founder and manager of the non-profit service ‘Na sunčanoj strani‘, offers daily support to citizens across Croatia in the implementation of solar power plants for households. This support includes advisory assistance, project creation, and connection of individuals with verified installers.

ZEZ (Zelena energetska zadruga za usluge)

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Experts in the field

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Dirk Vansintjan

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Antonia Proka

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