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ZuidtrAnt is a local energy cooperative from the southern region of the city of Antwerp, Belgium. We invest in renewable energy projects, more specifically in energy saving projects and energy production projects, with the capital raised by our cooperants/shareholders.

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About us

We actively contribute to the transition from a fossil to a low-carbon society, focusing on local projects and striving for energy independence. Our commitment extends to ensuring that everyone, including those who may face financial constraints, can benefit from renewable energy.

Becoming a member of ZuidtrAnt is possible by purchasing a share at the cost of 100 euros. Each shareholder is granted 1 vote, irrespective of the number of shares owned. This democratic approach allows us to collectively shape our future. Shareholders receive dividends when profits are generated. ZuidtrAnt, as a cooperative with a social purpose, allocates a portion of its profits to a social cause chosen during the annual general meeting.

We align with the ICA definition of a cooperative: “an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.”

Our history

Zuidtrant originated from citizens in various transition groups at the southern edge of Antwerp. The convergence of repair cafés, energy information evenings, and the climate event in Lier in 2013 led to the formation of a group determined to take action.

The cooperative was established by Arnold Van Hove, Vicente Serra Sirerol, Myriam Wouters, Tom Vissers, Koen Hardy, Pieter Dresselaers, Sophie Loots, Joos Vermeersch, and Walter Nuyts.

The core team of volunteers has expanded, and ZuidtrAnt now employs four people. Our operational scope has broadened to include the entire periphery around the city of Antwerp and projects within the city itself.

Our projects

  • Energiezuinig op school (Energy Efficiency at School). Through this project, ZuidtrAnt measures and reduces the energy consumption of primary schools. An assessment with recommendations for energy savings is provided, accompanied by an educational program for children from third to sixth grade.
  • Zonnedaken (Solar Roofs). ZuidtrAnt offers sustainable investment opportunities in solar energy for buildings in the southern edge of Antwerp. Collaboration with large consumers possessing suitable roofs allows the realization of solar roofs. The cooperative invests, major consumers utilize the generated electricity, and the savings contribute to other sustainable projects and dividend payments to the cooperatives.
  • DeeldeZon. As a participant in the Interreg project DeeldeZon led by Zonnova, ZuidtrAnt promotes sustainable mobility and energy-neutral neighborhoods in Flanders and the South of the Netherlands. Investments in solar roofs, along with collaboration with partners like Partago, PajoPower, my domain energy, i.LECO, Overmorgen, and Buurauto, aim for 80 solar roofs, 120 smart charging stations, 150 electric shared cars, and 20 electric shared bicycles.
  • Tandems. In collaboration with various partners, ZuidtrAnt explores how municipalities and energy cooperatives can collaborate, defining terms and identifying areas of collaboration.
  • Renovatiewerf (Renovation Site). This program supports citizens in renovating their homes through a personalized and individual approach.

Experts in the field

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