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The energy renovation of homes and public buildings is a huge challenge in the energy transition. Citizens, governments and companies are looking for the formula to ensure that our building stock is energy efficient and ready for a sustainable future in which the available renewable energy is used optimally.

Coop-kit is a free digital toolkit for cooperatives and local authorities involved in energy efficiency renovations. It contains information on how a cooperative can set up a home renovation service, how a local authority can put a tender for a renovation project on the market, how cooperatives and local authorities can communicate with the neighbourhood… and much more.

Users have the option to choose two different learning paths (one for energy cooperatives and another one for local authorities) or select thematic modules around communication, financing, collaboration with other stakeholders, legal issues and technical issues. Moreover, at the end, there is a library with dozens of resources.

The toolkit has been developed by the RHEDCOOP project partners based on the knowledge, experiences and lessons learned in home renovations.

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