Guide to creating renewable energy communities using a participative approach [English]

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Participation is crucial for the development of an energy community. It empowers community members to actively contribute to improving their environment and quality of life and emphasizes both the desired outcome and the experiential aspect of the process. Genuine participation requires that individuals have the ability to make decisions on matters where they can make a meaningful impact.

This guide offers practical information, advice, and tools to help create an energy community with active community participation. It contains the most important factors to bear in mind with regard to participation when creating an energy community, and covers topics such as identifying local energy needs, selecting appropriate renewable energy technologies, securing funding and support, and building partnerships with other organisations.

The guide is divided in three main sections:

  • The guiding framework for creating an energy community, which highlights the importance of participation.
  • The description of the four steps of the creation process of an energy community, with a focus on participation. This section also discusses how external support can help on along the way.
  • Additional materials and resources that may be helpful for your project.

While the guide aims to assist citizens in establishing an energy community, it does not provide an exhaustive exploration of all the steps and aspects associated with the process. Instead, its primary objective is to introduce a comprehensive participatory approach.

This resource is also available in Spanish and Basque.

Author: Goiener
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