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Would you like to provide home owners with a clear report of their energy coaching session? Would you like to offer them calculations of possible savings and tips on how to implement the steps for the coming years?

Hoomdossier offers you guidance to create such report. With this online tool, energy coaches can have a structured conversation, residents receive a clear report and data are available for reference at any time. The tool has some standard questions with room for comments from the energy coach, but municipality-specific questions can also be added to retrieve additional information.

Housing files are created for each dwelling. These files can be filled in independently by the energy coach or jointly to gain insights into the possible measures that can be taken to save energy and improve comfort. Energy coaches also have the option to analyse data on a larger scale to find out which measures are popular in a neighbourhood or what are the areas with more or less sessions held.

Professionals interested in Hoomdossier can request a test file, ask questions, or inquire about current developments and rates sending an email to linda.vanroij@hoom.nl.

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