How cities can back renewable energy communities [Slovak]

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All over Europe, many cities are testing multiple ways to initiate, support and facilitate community energy projects. This document aims to showcase their actions and identify existing models of cooperation to inspire and provide guidance for local and regional policy makers willing to team up with their citizens to move forward the energy transition of their communities.

The document is structured in three chapters:

  1. Why community energy? This chapter introduces the concept of community energy and the EU provision for energy citizens.
  2. What models for cooperation? This chapter outlines existing models and trends of city-to-citizen cooperation: smart grid development partnership, joint investment cooperative, joint energy utility, jointly owned energy infrastructure, and leasing energy from communities.
  3. How can cities support renewable energy communities? This chapter describes strategies that municipalities can follow to create the right conditions for community energy to flourish, provide direct support to community energy initiatives, and manage internal infrastructure with community involvement.

The guide is aimed at local and regional governments but energy communities can also use it to proactively approach their local authorities and propose them different collaboration models.

The guide is also available in Czech, Dutch, English, French, Polish, and Spanish.

Author: Energy Cities
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