How to get citizens and local governments on your side when building RES? Reducing the risk of project rejection by locals [English]

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Garnering public support is one of the most substantial challenges when bringing clean, renewable energy to local communities. At the same time, experience shows that through honest communication and local involvement in the planning process, public skepticism towards the project can be transformed into acceptance and support for the construction of a renewable energy source installation.

This issue is particularly prevalent in Czechia. Members of the Czech Community Energy Union (UKEN) already have experience with communication and participation in renewable projects. This report is a result of a seminar organised by UKEN, that aimed to provide a platform for speakers — including experts in law, sociology, civic participation and even a mayor — to outline the steps required to overcome these challenges and spark discussions on effectively cooperating among various stakeholders to create (energy) communities.

Author: UKEN
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