How to implement solar power plants in a municipality

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Municipal energy has long ceased to be limited to technology enthusiasts. Due to the energy crisis, it has become an area that municipalities must take upon themselves. Securing at least a portion of electricity consumption from one’s own sources is today the most sensible thing a mayor can do for their municipality. Taking the first steps to implement, for example, a photovoltaic power plant is very easy.

This guide, whose name in Czech is ‘Jak na solární elektrárny v obci’, explains step by step the various stages municipalities must go through to build a solar PV installation in the Czech Republic. The guide is permeated with specific and practical tips on what to do and what to avoid, from the preparation stages to the execution. Its creation was assisted by members of the Czech Community Energy Union (UKEN), mayors who already produce their own energy, and external experts who have experience with installations, planning, and operation.

Author: UKEN
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