IT- and communication tools for energy communities

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As any other organisation, energy communities need different tools to organise and facilitate their work, interactions and communication.

The SCCALE 203050 project carried out a series of interviews with energy communities to find out the IT- and communication tools they are using. This document compiles the tools mentioned by those energy communities and classifies them into three categories:

  • Tools for internal organization. Useful tools for organising your daily work as an energy community
  • Tools for external communication. Tools that can help you inform your members or a wider audience
  • Tools for engagement. Tools that help you reach and involve people in your projects

Some tools in the document are very well known, while some others less. Some of them are free to use and some others are paid. The compilation aims to inspire energy communities looking for solutions to their IT- and communication challenges.

The list of tools is not exhaustive and inclusion in the document only means that it was mentioned by another energy community.

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