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Although both citizens and local authorities have been front-runners of the energy transition, there are still many obstacles when it comes to collaborating and fully unlocking a 100% community-led renewable energy transition.

The Match-making tool helps community groups in finding roofs or land for their renewable energy projects, while municipal or private asset owners can showcase their willingness to make them available for community energy initiatives.

The tool works as it follows:

  1. Municipalities or private owners (businesses, individuals, organisations, etc.) input their available assets (roofs, land, façade, etc.) into the tool. Thereby, they showcase their willingness to serve the citizen-driven energy transition by making the space available to local energy projects.
  2. Local community members interested in collectively producing and sharing energy explore available assets near them to identify assets in their area that align with their interests and energy goals.
  3. Project owners and asset owners connect with one another for potential collaboration.

The tool is available in English, Greek, Romanian and Croatian for now, but any municipality and citizen in Europe can use it freely.

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