Online course: Introduction to citizen energy

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The technology to harness sun and wind energy is easy and accessible to all of us. Anyone can learn and implement these technologies in their day-to-day life and participate in the renewable energy transition.

This online course introduces the concept of citizen energy: what it is and what you can change with it. Practical examples from Germany, Greece and Croatia showcase the diversity of actions and people’s motivation to start producing renewable electricity together. Moreover, it features a discussion platform, allowing you to network with peers, and to help each other, discuss problems, and celebrate success.

The course is structured in the following way:

  1. Citizens for energy transition
    1. Making 100% renewable energy possible ~ Together!
    2. Untap the potential of citizen energy
    3. Motivation and foundation of energy communities
    4. Women and citizen energy
  2. Citizen energy practical examples
    1. BENG Energy Cooperative Germany
    2. Green Energy Cooperative ZEZ Croatia
    3. Hyperion project by Electra Energy Cooperative Greece
    4. Citizen.Power.Energy.
  3. From legal forms to the ecosystem of energy communities: Tools for success
    1. Legal forms of energy communities
    2. Business models and marketing: Energy cooperative
    3. Business models and marketing: Wind energy
    4. Stakeholders and networks
    5. Inclusion in energy communities
    6. The ecosystem of energy communities: Regional impact

With this course, you will gain an insider’s view of energy cooperatives, NGOs and other organisations, all engaged in solar and wind energy production and shared mobility. The lessons will give you first impressions of what it means to take energy production into our own hands. You can follow it for free and at your own pace.

Similar courses on other topics are available on the European Citizen Energy Academy.

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