SCCALE Methodology Guide

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Research has found that energy communities typically run through different stages throughout their lifetime and that each stage comes with a specific set of needs and challenges.

The SCCALE Methodology Guide is designed to support starting energy communities and help them get through the very first stages of community development. The guide clearly identifies the key steps (milestones or celebrations) starters have to reach in order to get from one stage to the next and thus mature their business. The road to these milestones is summarised in so-called workflows. There are workflows on (1) citizen engagement and communication; (2) technology and business case; (3) partners and authorities; and (4) organisation and financing. 

The SCCALE Methodology Guide particularly targets starters and thus mainly focuses on the initiation and preparation stages. It applies to energy communities in general, regardless of the activities they engage in or the context in which they operate.

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