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RECxploration is an interactive and educational online game that shows how energy choices can change consumption and explains how to engage with energy communities. The game is designed to enhance energy literacy, foster a deeper understanding of energy communities, promote sustainability, and empower citizens to take an active role in the clean energy transition.

RECxploration offers a user-friendly game experience that unfolds over three rounds in which players explore the impact of different energy choices over the next decade:

  • Round 1. Energy use optimisation. Players are challenged to optimise their household’s energy consumption.
  • Round 2. Power generation through photovoltaic panels. Players have the opportunity to turn back the clock and invest in photovoltaic panels unlocking the potential to generate their own clean electricity.
  • Round 3. Founding a Renewable Energy Community. Players discover that their neighbours are establishing a Renewable Energy Community. As founding members, players can actively participate in voting on matters concerning community investments, influencing the collective path towards sustainable energy.

The game encompasses a range of energy literacy topics, including:

  • Energy efficiency measures to minimise consumption
  • Renewable energy production (photovoltaic panels) and energy storage
  • Matching energy production and usage
  • Understanding environmental impacts, as well as financial and social benefits associated to clean energy
  • Exploring the benefits of participating in or establishing a Renewable Energy Community

Throughout RECxploration, players discover the consequences, both positive and negative, of their energy-related choices, and gain insights into the impact on carbon emissions and energy bills, fostering a deeper appreciation for the importance of sustainable energy practices. They also discover the benefits of producing and storing their own electricity, gaining a deeper understanding of how energy communities work.

The game can be played individually by adults or students. It can also be used in info sessions and events to introduce energy efficiency and community energy to people.

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